Harrisburg Middle School Band Syllabus 18-19

Welcome to Middle School Band! Below are some basic policies and grading for the course this year. Band is a curricular, graded course. As such, there are certain standards expected of all students (as there are in every other class).  All students are graded on the three district-wide band standards below:

Lessons (Standard #1: Organize, develop, and refine artistic ideas and work for presentation.)
Lessons are a vital part of the band curriculum where students learn new skills, improve on their instrument and are the main source of evaluating individual student progress. The lesson times are assigned to coordinate with the student’s schedule during the school day, and are grouped by instrument and individual ability level. If a student misses a lesson, they are expected to make it up.

Ensemble Skills (Standard #2: Identify, analyze, and interpret musical works related to life and society.)
Throughout the course of the year, students will receive assignments, partake in activities, or take quizzes to enhance their musical progress. These are designed to focus on skills vital to the ensemble rehearsal process as well as a deeper understanding of the music and performances.

Performances & Playing Tests (Standard #3: Convey and interpret intent and meaning through the presentation of music.)
Performances are a required part of any performing arts class. A schedule is provided and attendance at all performance dates is considered mandatory. Please put those dates on your family calendars right away to avoid any conflicts. Unless it is a family emergency, all conflicts (excused or unexcused) should be communicated at least 2 weeks prior. Attire for formal concerts is BLACK FORMAL. Occasionally, students will be asked to perform a prepared excerpt of music for a performance grade during their lesson or class time.  Students will have advance notice of these assessments.

Since the band room holds some of the most expensive equipment in the school, we ask that all instruments and equipment are treated with care and respect (including keeping band lockers tidy). Students are expected to have their instrument (in good working order), reeds (recommended to have at least 2 at all times), accessories (i.e. valve oil, slide oil, cork grease, cleaning swabs, etc.), lesson books, music, and a pencil at all rehearsals. In addition, percussion should have a stick bag, a pair of snare drum sticks, and yarn-wrapped marimba mallets.

For additional music opportunities, there are honor band auditions (for highly-motivated and responsible students who are looking for a challenge) and our before-school jazz bands (late fall start).

We believe that these guidelines will help us to create a successful music-learning environment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the contact info below. Please show that you have read and understand the band policies by completing the attached form by Friday, August 31.


Ms. Ellie Rohlckelanor.rohlck@k12.sd.us             Ms. Emily Stiegelemily.stiegel@k12.sd.us
Director of Bands – North Middle School                 Director of Bands – South Middle School
(605) 743-2567 ext. 5112                                         (605) 743-2567 ext. 5155