Name: Megan Y.
Instrument: Clarinet
Grade: 12
Years in Band: 8

What do you enjoy most about being in band?
I enjoy hanging out with my friends and making fun memories!

Favorite Band Experience?
When I was a freshman and we took a trip to Dallas, and I had to suffer the back of the bus with Hannah Abbott 🙂

What other activities are you involved in?
Marching Band, Jazz Band, Choir, NHS, so basically I’m a nerd.

What advice do you have for younger band students?
Make friends and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to new people!

Tell us something about yourself that otherwise we wouldn’t know or guess.
I like to crochet, I’m like a grandma or something.

What are your plans after graduation?
I’m going to college for music something, not sure if it’s going to be music therapy, or music education, but one of those two (hopefully).