Name: Grace A.
Instrument: Tenor Sax
Grade: 12
Years in Band: 7

What do you enjoy most about being in band?
I enjoy all of the ensemble opportunities that are available. Along with the Concert Band and Pep Band, you can also join Jazz Band, Marching Band, and/or Rock Band, so there are many options to fulfill your musical interests and to learn new styles of music. Additionally, the friends that you meet in band usually end up being the people who you hang out with throughout high school, so the things that you learn and the relationships that you form are definitely worthwhile.

Favorite Band Experience?
The band trip to Dallas, TX was a blast, but all of the day trips that we go on with the marching band are also very fun. Getting to be a part of the growth of the marching band from the very beginning has been a blast and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here, so those things have had to be some of my favorite band experiences.

What other activities are you involved in?
I am also involved in FFA and National Honor Society.

What advice do you have for younger band students?
Stay in band, get involved, and if your schedule permits, join marching band. It is an extremely fun and rewarding activity, and even though it is a big time commitment, the friends you make and skills you learn are completely worth it.

Tell us something about yourself that otherwise we wouldn’t know or guess.
Along with the saxophone, I also play the guitar, mandolin and ukulele.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan to attend college at either Augustana University or University of South Dakota, majoring in Biology/Pre-Med with a Spanish minor and then I plan to go to medical school to become a physician.

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