5th Grade Band Percussion Policy

Percussion is a very popular choice among 5th grade students, but being a percussionist means more than just playing the drums.  Percussionists in the Harrisburg School Band Program will learn to play a variety of pitched and unpitched instruments including concert bells, xylophone, snare drum, bass drum, timpani, and auxiliary percussion instruments, such as the triangle, tambourine, and cymbals.

In order to maintain balance throughout the band program, students will be selected to play percussion according to their performance on a series of short audition exercises. Previous piano instruction will be helpful, but not required, and will not automatically guarantee a student will be selected to play percussion. The ability to read music is an important skill, but we are also looking for students with a strong sense of rhythm and good coordination.

The number of students chosen to play percussion at each elementary school will be based on the overall number of 5th grade students participating in band. This number may change from year to year.